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About Hazolife

HazoLife was started in Jan 2017 by providing service for Welcomejodi. Welcomejodi is an online matrimony service used by the peoples those who are searching for a future life partner. Our goal is to provide people with a pleasurable experience by offering a service that is easy, safe and registration is free for everyone to find their life-partner.

The company holds the key for achieving organizational goals which helps in determining the needs and wants to target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than the competitors. Our customer retention of 99.98% is proof of our commitment to our business and our service standards

Through our determined expansion, strategic change and acquisition programs, we plan to become more successful within the next decade. Through commitment to serving others and living by developing characters and competence, everyone can develop attributes. While our aim remains to be the best in what we do, we stand committed to our mission of securing our customers future.

HazoLife have brought economic revolution in the society through its marketing system to earn while working and sharing. We believe that “thinking together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”.

It is an opportunity with great earning potential while working in your daily routine spare time. We sincerely believe that it can change your life for the better by helping you to fulfill your long cherished desires and dreams and makes you financially free in the shortest possible span of life. The aim & vision of the company is that together we can help people to achieve happier, healthier lives, attain personal freedom and make you in charge of your time, income and dreams.

Every one involved in this HazoLife has taken as their own business no other have rights to control anyone.HazoLife are honored with pride of country award for best services.

Four points of success are:-
  • Growth with Ideas
  • Knowledge of unity
  • True value of time
  • Dedication to do work.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
  • To be the Topmost company in Direct Selling Industry
  • To reach the higher level by 2020
  • To open HazoLife center all over India
Our Mision
  • To make each family – A happy Family
  • To make consumption of HazoLife Products in every house in India
  • To supply High quality products at affordable prices in India

Our Business Principles

  • Distributor is the main reason for our existence. Everything that we do must delight our distributors, each time and always.
  • HazoLife always uphold the self-esteem and dignity of every distributor by creating an open culture for expression of rules & ideas.
  • Your feedback is the key point for company’s development.
  • HazoLife perform its operations by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards & behave in ways that earn trust of distributors.
  • Strength of company plays a major role in success. Team work is our major strength in business development. We put our distributors ahead of our personal success.